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Customer Agreement

Anyone who sign's up ("Customer") for the ("RA") service agrees to abide by all terms and conditions set forth by RA. Customer agrees to keep private their RA password. Signing up for RA service constitutes a contractual agreement and a request for financial credit by the Customer from RA. The Customer is responsible for satisfying all charges incurred on the Customer's RA account. Customer failure to pay for their RA usage may result in Civil or Felony, Fraudulent Application for Credit charges. The Customer is responsible for canceling their RA account (this may be done at the RA Internet home page). Non-use of RA does not constitute an implied cancellation. Non-use of the Internet does not constitute an implied cancellation of your RA account. Cancellation or termination of your Internet Service Provider (ISP), absence of an Internet connection, or a broken or otherwise non-working computer does not constitute an implied cancellation of your RA account. In the event that a Customer supplied credit card does not satisfy a debt due to RA, the Customer remains responsible for the amount due. RA reserves the privilege to discontinue a Customer's service for non-payment. RA reserves the privilege to assess a fee of up to $35 USD to the Customer's RA account where Customer's payment obligation is not met; bank draft returned to RA as non-payable for any reason or credit card transaction is challenged (a charge back). RA reserves the privilege to send a paper copy of a billing statement and charge our normal postal billing fee to any customer whose Credit Card fails to charge properly. RA reserves the privilege to transfer any uncollected debts to a Collection Agency. RA reserves the privilege to cancel any account engaged in data mining, extraction of RA information with any automated device/software, unauthorized access of RA data, or illegal activity. RA reserves the privilege to cancel this agreement at any time.

Recurring Invoice and Billing

All accounts are automatically, or recurrently, invoiced and billed either monthly or quarterly-- depending on the usage plan. Some accounts that have made prior arrangements with will be automatically invoiced when the search limits for their usage plan is reached. To terminate the automatic recurring billing process, simply send an cancel request email to or to our support ( Canceling the account online provides immediate peace of mind and indisputable proof of the cancellation; Please note that will always acknowledge your cancellation request with an eMail confirmation back to you.

General Restrictions and Notifications does not guarantee accuracy of any of the databases and resources found in the api. All records found on our web site are not to be used for any purpose except for informational use only to help keep you informed of the general public. is not responsible for your actions or anyone else's actions arising from the information and records found on cannot guarantee that ALL records are accurate or available in our databases. Our databases are not to be used for employment decisions, unlawful acts, stocking, harassing, and embarrassing others or anything else which is against our policy as stated in these Terms and Conditions.

The public record databases in our member's area are geared towards USA records only.

Although we are one of the best public record providers on the Internet covering over 200 million public records in our databases, we cannot guarantee that record results will be available for any particular person you are seeking. When results of a search subject are found, results may come back with limited information. The subscription of your API Access is for your convenience of accessing multiple databases in one location and having features that otherwise isn't easily found for free elsewhere on the Internet. The subscription of your API Access is to help keep you informed of the general public only and should not be purchased if you:

Are in desperate need of finding a particular person or seeking information on a particular person as not all records are accurate, have any results, or may come up with limited information. cannot afford our service do not understand what our service offers or if you get confused easily If you get angry if a search subject you are seeking is not available or has limited results. Are seeking Non-U.S. public records. do not agree with our terms and conditionsbr. do not guarantee that the databases will always be updated daily due to the possibility of occasional database downtime, bugs, system errors, glitches, inability to update the databases, or other reasons due to circumstances out of our control.

By subscription our service, you have fully read and agreed to all of our Terms and Conditions and you understand that your order is a deposit towards the usage of our search databases is not a consumer reporting agency and data provided by does not constitute a consumer report as that term is defined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), 15 U.S.C.A. sec 1681 et seq. Before using any data obtained from any source as a factor in establishing a consumer's eligibility for credit, insurance or employment you should consult with your attorney for uses that might be covered by FCRA. will at times communicate to its customers via mail, email, and/or telephone. does not share, disclose, sell, or in any way provide any customer data to anyone. All customer data provided to is considered private and confidential. In order for to serve you, it is necessary that you keep your contact information as accurate as possible.

Specific Database Usage Restrictions

In addition to the aforementioned, some database providers require additional agreements to be entered into to gain access to certain specific databases. RA provides a facility whereby the Customer may optionally Deny or Accept the additional specific Terms and Conditions as set forth by the controlling public record custodian and/or database provider. Acceptance of these specific agreements may, in some cases, place you into a contract with the specific public records custodian and/or database provider. RA reserves the privilege to determine which specific database access may be properly available to a RA account based on Customer supplied credentials and/or account profile information.
Criminal Background Check API

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  Birth Records   People Records
  Death Records   Business Records
  Cemetery/Grave Records      
  Marriage Records     For Content Building:
  Divorce Records   USA People Name & Meaning
        Popular Names and Meaning
    Criminal Background Check      
  Arrest Records     Background Check API
  Released Inmate Records   Criminal Background Check API
  Offender Records      
  Mugshots Data   Records API Blog
  Police/ Warrant Data      
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