About Records API

RecordsAPI is one of the largest Genealogy and Public Record Providers on the internet since 2008, serving an interactive, robust & easy to implement Application Program Interface (API), maintained by

Records API is cross-platform RESTful API platform covering over 105 billion of public records collection including Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Death, Cemetery/Grave, US People & Business, Arrest, Released Inmates, Offender, Mugshots, Police/Warrant Records.

This API is designed for instant access to the billions of public records repository in a single cross-platform RESTfull GET/POST call with XML/JSON. For more details, follow the API INPUT/OUTPUT MANUAL & RECORDSAPI USAGE MANUAL.

The most interesting part of this API is - Records API Data Operation & Research team is digging the web to collect most recent and historical Genealogy, Public and Criminal Records to serve the best result set to the end user.

Criminal Background Check API

List of record type Available via API XML/JSON :
  Birth Records   People Records
  Death Records   Business Records
  Cemetery/Grave Records      
  Marriage Records     For Content Building:
  Divorce Records   USA People Name & Meaning
        Popular Names and Meaning
    Criminal Background Check      
  Arrest Records     Background Check API
  Released Inmate Records   Criminal Background Check API
  Offender Records      
  Mugshots Data   Records API Blog
  Police/ Warrant Data      
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