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We are providing XML API, allowing programmatic access to huge Public records database. This intuitive service offers you customized solutions so that you can easily get hold of records you are looking for to your benefit.

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  OVER 105+ BILLON RECORDS are the largest records database provider on the internet. Instant, Real-time Results. And upadates alomost daily.


Fast and easy way you can Implement Real-time data driven public records seamlessly into your website or application using secure XML API.


Most special thing that makes us separate from other public record api providers in the world is our cross-platform robust RESTful API platform.


why recordsapi? is the only data provider on Net which is providing 105+ Billions of Records Instantly. And no other record-provider offers 9 Vital records dataset on a single API Call. Demo records
  We are Genuine Vital Records Provider. All our databases are up-to-date, updated routinely. Each and every record is authentic, fresh and well structured. Databases
  Our API is currently used by Law Enforcement, Human Resources, Attorneys, consumer public record sites, private investigators, staffing agencies and many more agencies and individuals. Apply for api key

Using in my website last 6 months, I'm happy with their data and prompt support. Thanks. SAMUEL TOMPSON United States [Submitted 15 Junly 2019]


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Download Vital Records & Genealogy Database
Downloadable formats : MySQL (Compressed .sql.gz), CSV, JSON, XML ....


Criminal Background Check API

List of record type Available via API XML/JSON :
  Birth Records   People Records
  Death Records   Business Records
  Cemetery/Grave Records      
  Marriage Records     For Content Building:
  Divorce Records   USA People Name & Meaning
        Popular Names and Meaning
    Criminal Background Check      
  Arrest Records     Background Check API
  Released Inmate Records   Criminal Background Check API
  Offender Records      
  Mugshots Data   Records API Blog
  Police/ Warrant Data      
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